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Haematology (Blood)

Haematology includes the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in your blood. Consultants and specialists look at the blood formation and identitify any changes or abnormalities in your blood. At The Wilmslow Hospital and The Christie Clinic, HCA offers rapid blood testing, an abnormal bloods clinics, as well as a range of leading haematology services, including bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.

Our hospitals are well equipped to deal with blood-related problems including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and testing for thrombophilia, assessment of potential bleeding problems that may complicate surgery and blood cancers.

Why choose our Haematology services at The Wilmslow Hospital and The Chrisite Clinic?

  • If your consultant has requested you have a blood test as part of diagnosis or treatment, we will process your blood sample quickly and report back to your consultant, often within hours of having the test.
  • We aim to see all new haematology patients within 48 hours.
  • Abnormal bloods clinic; patients can be referred to our specialist consultants who provide care to a wide range of patient groups playing a major role in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with disorders of the blood and bone marrow, for example: sickle cell disease, anaemia, leukaemia and related blood cancers; haemophilia and other bleeding and clotting problems. At The Wilmslow Hospital, we offer the following clinics; blood count, lymph node, thrombosis (blood clot), bleeding and bruising and preoperative haematology assessment. 
  • Leading consultants: all of our haematology appointments, tests and procedures are carried out by leading consultants from the region’s top teaching hospitals.
  • Our network of hospitals means that we can treat even the most serious of Haematological diseases at The Christie Clinic where we have a Haematology and Transplant unit, the only private unit outside of London.

Need help with your booking?

If you have private medical cover, our friendly business office team can liaise with your insurance company on your behalf, arranging everything you need to start your treatment with us.

If you are self-funding your treatment, our team can provide pricing details for your consultations, diagnostics and procedures and book your appointment too.

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Have a question? You can talk to someone on our friendly team by phone 01625 545 036 or contact us online.

Referring a patient

If you are a medical professional looking to refer your patient to us, you can write a referral letter to us and if you know the consultant that you would like your patient to see, please outline this on the letter. We also accept unnamed referrals. In this case our team will assign the most appropriate consultant to suit your patient’s needs. You then either email your referral letter to us on or fax it to us on 01625 545 099


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