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At The Wilmslow Hospital, we provide a range of diagnostic tests which can be used to detect cancers, including MRI scanner, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography. We understand how unsettling it can be to be concerned about your health and so we provide patients with rapid access clinics and same or next day appointments.

Cancer Screening

It is important that Cancer is diagnosed as soon as possible, in order to start the most effective treatment pathway quickly.

Regular screening can help to detect early signs of cancer, the three most common types of screening in the UK are breast, cervical and bowel. Screening is recommended within particular age groups or for people concerned about a family history of cancer.

Screnning services at The Wilmslow Hospital:

Breast Cancer: Rapid access breast clinic including mammogram, ultrasound scans and biopsies

Bowel Cancer: Faecal occult blood (FOB) testing and colonoscopies

Cervical Cancer: Smear test and bloods if necessary

Prostate Cancer: Non-invasive prostate exam using our MRI scanner and a PSA blood test

Breast Cancer: Mammogram

Cancer Diagnostics

If it is suspected that you have cancer, you can be referred to our specialist consultants at our sister site The Christie Clinic, where you can continue with your private care in one of the best specialist cancer centres in the UK. We do not have any waiting times at The Christie Clinic so you are able to experience your care without compromise or delay.

Why choose The Wilmslow Hospital for your cancer screening and diagnostics?

  • Same and next day appointments; at The Wilmslow Hospital we strive to provide all of our patients with same or next day appointments. We understand that is can be worrying to have a health concern, so we endeavour to provide results from your scan within 48 hours to enable a faster route to your treatment pathway.
  • Leading consultants; all of our cancer appointments, tests and procedures are carried out by leading consultants and specialists from the region’s top teaching hospitals.
  • Our network of hospitals means that no matter what the outcome of your results, we are able to continue to support you through your healthcare journey.

To find out more about our Cancer screening and diagnostic services or to book an appointment, please call 01625 545 036 or request an appointment online

To find out more about our Cancer treatment and surgery services available at The Christie Clinic, please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 161 446 3480, email us at or visit our website

The Christie Clinic - Part of our HCA Healthcare UK network

The Wilmslow Hospital is part of the wider HCA Healthcare UK network in the North West. Our other site, The Christie Clinic, is based at The Christie NHS Trust who we work in partnership with to deliver Private Cancer Care. Working together with The Wilmslow Hospital, we are able to offer a full Cancer care pathway across the two sites from diagnostics to treatment and surgery.

HCA Healthcare UK, working in partnership as a joint venture with the Trust, has formed the private patient unit as a first class specialist facility, providing outstanding medical and surgical care within a hospital renowned for excellence in advanced medical technology. The Christie Clinic is a private cancer care hospital provider with all the benefits of sitting alongside a world class leader in oncology.

The Christie Clinic accepts referrals for patients aged 16 years and above, treating both cancerous and non cancerous conditions. We offer the reassurance and accessibility of a private patient unit supported by the infrastructure of a leading oncology NHS teaching hospital.

Facilities include:

  • 28 private inpatient rooms with en suite facilities
  • The only JACIE accredited private haematology transplant unit within the North offering 6 dedicated haematology transplant beds with HEPA filtered rooms
  • Daycase chemotherapy suite with 15 chemotherapy chairs
  • 6 consulting rooms
  • The largest UK group of reporting Radiologists with diverse modalities, both oncological and non-oncological offering imaging including MRI, CT and Galium PET CT
  • Radiotherapy services with a state of the art linear accelerator
  • Operating theatres including Robot Assisted surgery
  • Pharmacy services
  • Critical Care
  • Pathology Services

To find out more about our services available at The Christie Clinic, please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 161 446 3480, email us at or visit our website

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