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Regional Manager for Mercedes Benz is back in the driving seat thanks to Hand & Wrist Surgeon at HCA The Wilmslow Hospital

07 November 2017

Angela Brand, 44, recently had treatment at HCA Healthcare UK’s The Wilmslow Hospital to relieve the chronic pain from arthritis in both her thumb and hand, and regain full movement.

Angela, who is a Regional Manager for Mercedes Benz Cars, had been suffering from the problem with her left thumb for approximately 18 months before she had initial treatment on the NHS, however this was unfortunately unsuccessful as the arthritis had progressed too far.

Angela said: “I decided to have a fusion procedure done privately at The Wilmslow Hospital by Orthopaedic Consultant, Mr Dave Murray, as I was in a lot of pain and unable to fully use my left hand, and my left thumb was out of alignment. I was also taking regular pain relief which had an impact on the daily activities I had to undertake.”

She was initially concerned about having the first Carpometacarpal Joint (CMCJ) fusion procedure as Mr Murray explained to Angela that she would have to spend up to eight weeks in a splint, which would mean that she would be unable to drive during that period which is a key part of her job, however he reassured her that the results would be worthwhile.

Mr Murray added: “It is unusual for a lady of Angela’s age to present with advanced Osteoarthritis of the base of the thumb.  In most women this would come on in later life.

“Due to Angela’s age and the fact that she’s very active and enjoys physically demanding activities such as attending the gym, the more traditional operation of removing one of the bones would have impacted on Angela’s professional and social life.  The CMCJ fusion procedure restores strength to the thumb and grip allowing her to return to exercise and normal everyday activities.”

Angela’s CMCJ fusion operation involved Mr Murray first of all removing the arthritic surfaces of the saddle shaped joint at the base of the thumb and then aligning these two surfaces to allow optimal  positioning of the thumb which were then rigidly held in place with two high compression memory staples. X-rays were taken throughout the procedure to ensure that the best position was achieved.

Mr Murray commented: “Following the operation, it was necessary for Angela to be in a splint for approximately eight weeks to ensure that the base of the thumb was fully immobilised in order to allow the two bones to knit together as strongly as possible, and to prevent any movement of the staples or bones that may have led to them to not fusing properly."

Angela added: “I’m now pain free and professionally, the treatment has vastly improved my day-to-day life. Driving is a big part of my job, and as I look after the North of England and Scotland, I have to cover a lot of miles and I often struggled on longer journeys which I now have no problem with at all. Also being able to use the keyboard to draft emails etc. with both hands makes such a difference.

“I’ve also experienced a significant improvement in my family life. It’s the little things like being able to do my daughter's hair and not needing to ask for help in the kitchen with things like chopping an onion! I’m also back at the gym and lifting weights which is really important to me as I like to keep fit. ”

Angela concluded: The care I received at The Wilmslow Hospital was second to none and all the nurses and staff were very helpful and supportive. I cannot thank Mr Murray enough for performing what is an unusual operation for someone of my age and giving me a chance to be pain free and have an improved quality of life.”

Mr Murray added: “Angela has had a fantastic outcome and was able to return to her professional and social activities fully without pain."


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