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Local female Boxer wins professional debut fight with help from HCA The Wilmslow Hospital and MIHP

21 August 2017

Stacey Copeland, 35, is a professional boxer from Hyde in Tameside. She also works extensively with young people and currently runs a centre for students at risk of exclusion in Manchester’s largest secondary school, Parrs Wood in Didsbury. She is an ambassador for sporting champions, the Change Foundation, and has been involved with several youth initiatives.

She recently hosted ‘Pave The Way’ at MIHP in support of this year’s Women in Sport Week where 36 female students, aged 11 to 16, from across Greater Manchester listened to inspirational women involved in all aspects of sport and took part in a number of workshops at the facility. 

Stacey, who won her second professional fight at the weekend, used the facilities and expertise at both The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance (MIHP), which is operated by HCA Healthcare UK, and HCA UK’s The Wilmslow Hospital to help prepare for her professional debut.

“I was five weeks away from my first professional fight when I suffered a back injury; I needed a diagnosis and treatment plan immediately!”, Stacey commented.

“I chose to have my initial diagnosis at MIHP as I wanted to see an expert who understood the demands of elite sport and had experience of working with athletes. Dr John Rogers is a leading Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant and I knew I’d be in safe hands.

“My experience at MIHP and The Wilmslow Hospital was seamless from start to finish; they really do know how to look after athletes like myself. I had a MRI scan at MIHP and Dr Rogers was able to give me an immediate diagnosis and explained all the options to me.

“I had my treatment at The Wilmslow Hospital and was quickly able to return to full training, and won my first pro fight, which I would not have been able to do if it hadn’t been for Dr Rogers and the team at MIHP and The Wilmslow Hospital. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Stacey was also able to obtain her professional boxing license at MIHP. She had a doctor assessment, MRI brain scan and a range of blood tests.

“MIHP is a world class centre for boxers and athletes alike, and has everything under-one-roof in Manchester which is perfect for athletes like me based in the North.

“I was able to have all the necessary tests for my boxing medical in one convenient location and the staff at MIHP are very experienced in handling the paperwork and working with the British Boxing Board of Control.”


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