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Local Anaesthetic Sinus Surgery now available at HCA UK's The Wilmslow Hospital

20 June 2017

People across the region suffering from sinus problems are now able to have their surgery done without the need for a general anaesthetic at HCA Healthcare UK at The Wilmslow Hospital.

Traditionally, local anaesthetic sinus procedures have been limited to a small number of minor operations on patients deemed either in poor health (respiratory or cardiac problems) or unsuitable for a general anaesthetic (pregnancy). Local Anaesthetic Sinus Surgery (LASS) is a technique which is now possible due to specialist consultant training, advancements in technology and medication.

The key benefits of LASS include:

  •  Shorter stay in hospital - you can be in and out of hospital, having had your procedure, after 1.5 to 2 hours
  •  Drive immediately - you will be able to drive home following surgery
  •  No fasting – you don’t need to starve before surgery
  •  Quicker return to work - you can be back in employment within a matter of days
  •  Minimal after-effects – you won’t experience any of the symptoms associated with a general anaesthetic i.e. nausea or sleepiness.

LASS procedures currently offered at HCA UK’s The Wilmslow Hospital:

  •  Polyp removal
  •  Balloon sinuplasty - frontal (forehead), maxillary (cheek) pressure symptoms
  •  Inferior turbinate reduction
  •  Maxillary antrostomy
  •  Ethmoidectomy - anterior and posterior
  •  DCR (dacryocystorhinostomy) for watery eye
  •  Limited septal surgery

Mr Raj Bhalla, Consultant Rhinologist and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgeon leading LASS at HCA UK’s The Wilmslow Hospital: “I’m delighted to be one of the first surgeons in the region offering patients Local Anaesthetic Sinus Surgery (LASS) privately. 

“Sinus patients at HCA UK’s The Wilmslow Hospital, who might be concerned about undergoing a general anaesthetic, now have the choice of local anaesthesia which has many benefits including reduced complications and risks, limited side effects and minimal disruption to normal daily activity.”

If you have a sinus problem or nasal congestion and think you may need an operation but are worried about a general anaesthetic or its after-effects, please call 01625 545 036 to book a consultation with Mr Bhalla to determine whether you could be suitable for LASS.



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