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Changing Mole? Get it checked

by 52alderleyrd | Posted 20 June 2014

Mr Gerard Lambe MB ChB, MD, FRCS (Plast), Consultant Plastic Surgeon at 52 Alderley Road offers some practical advice on checking your skin for moles and marks.

At this time of year everyone is in their summer fashions and trying to take in the good weather. People are more aware of the dangers of UV light now and sun protection campaigns have highlighted the steps needed to protect us from the worst of the rays.

It is also the time that people tend to inspect their skin for moles and marks.

Check your moles for:

  • Irregular shapes (uneven)
  • Irregular Border
  • Variations in Colour
  • Diameter greater then 6mm
  • Elevation. A raised lesion in combination with the other features is concerning

Along with these symptoms itching and especially bleeding are symptoms that should prompt urgent investigation.

Get it checked!
If you have any symptoms of a changing/abnormal mole it is essential to get it checked by an expert. Many changes in moles will not be linked to skin cancer, however it is absolutely vital to rule this out as a cause.

At 52AR we provide rapid assessment and if necessary rapid excision and biopsy and histological assessment can be done on the same day even in the most challenging cosmetic areas.

For referral or further information or to book an appointment with Mr Gerard Lambe please contact us.

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