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Having surgery at The Wilmslow Hospital

Our hospital offers you day case surgery across a variety of specialties. The hospital space has been designed with day case surgery in mind, providing the latest in operating theatre technology and patient journey.

There are eight recovery rooms which provide a comfortable environment especially designed for you to be treated and able to go home all in one day. We provide operations across all of our specialties and surgery is completed by our expert consultants and theatres teams.

When you arrive

Depending on the procedure you are having, there might be some preparation required, but your consultant will be in charge of your clinical care and will keep you fully informed of all treatments and procedures. On arrival, you will be asked to fill out some registration forms and taken to our theatres area, where our experienced staff will be waiting to greet you and get you settled into your room. We use these ergonomically designed private cubicles so that a nurse can be present observing your condition throughout your whole recovery process, while still giving you privacy.

Before your surgery you will meet with your anaesthetist and your consultant who will talk you through the surgery and answer any questions you may have.

You will be given a gown to wear before your Procedure, once you are ready, a nurse from your ward will accompany you to the theatre suite. You will be greeted by the theatre nurses, who will carry out a number of safety checks with the nurse from your ward.

If you are having an operation on a particular part of the body, your surgeon will mark the area at this time. The nurses will check your personal details again before taking you to the operating theatre.

Once your surgery is complete you will be taken back to your room where you will recover from your operation with our specialist recovery nurses. We want to ensure you are fully ready to leave us, so your consultant will liaise with the nursing staff to decide on your departure date and time. They will also discuss with you any arrangements for your ongoing care and any follow-up appointments.


Tea and coffee is available free of charge for you and your guests. You can choose from the room service menu, where you can choose from a selection of sandwiches, snacks, tea and coffee. We can cater for almost all dietary needs. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let the team know before your arrival on or call us on 01625 545 036

Why choose to have your surgery with The Wilmslow Hospital?

Latest technology - two laminar flow theatres are equipped with the latest in operating technology across all of our specialties. Our theatres have been designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Having laminar flow theatres means that the air in our theatres is filtered, preventing bacterial contamination and resulting in the safest surgical environment for both staff and patients.

8 Recovery rooms – our recovery rooms are designed for patients to be able to recover from their surgery in the same day and get back to their homes as soon as they feel ready. Each room is equipped with all of the equipment needed for both pre-operative and post-operative care providing patients with a consistent and familiar environment throughout the day.

Experienced staff – our staff have a wide variety of experience and specialist expertise across the range of specialties that we cover at The Wilmslow Hospital. From nursing to physiotherapist, our staff work with leading consultants to deliver the best quality care to you.

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