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Private Medical Insurance

The Wilmslow Hospital provides a wide range of treatments and services which will be covered by your private medical insurance, whether you hold your own policy, or you are part of a wider company scheme, we can help you with your private healthcare needs.

In most cases you can use your insurance to cover major treatments and operations, but you may also be able to use your policy to pay for services such as diagnostics, scans, minor treatments or physiotherapy.

As an insured patient, you can arrange your treatment to suit your needs, with no waiting lists and convenient appointment times. Arranging your treatment is very simple.

1. Check your Insurance Policy

First, you will need to call your insurance company and talk with them about your cover before you come into hospital for any treatments or services. They may have paperwork that you need to fill out and bring to your appointment with you and there may be some limits or excesses that they need to discuss with you first. You must confirm that your treatment is covered before you make an appointment and you must obtain authorisation from your insurance company.

2. Get a referral

Most of your treatment will begin with a referral from your GP, which may also be a requirement of your policy. It is straight forward to get this, it simply requires a visit to your GP who will refer you to a consultant who practices at The Wilmslow Hospital.

3. Make an appointment

Once you have your paperwork and referrals in place with your GP and insurer, please call us to arrange an appointment with your consultant at a time convenient for you. Your consultant will provide a diagnosis and discuss treatment options if this is required. You should keep your insurance company up to date with this information to make sure that your policy covers all the investigations, diagnostics, scans, treatments or physiotherapy that you may need.

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